YouTube user guide

YouTube user guide  


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YouTube user guide
The first step you need to know to use YouTube is the knowledge that the video format is The Flash Video Format. Video clips viewed on the site are viewed in Flash Video format, and * on the is downloaded and saved in flv format. To view video shares on this site, the device must have Adobe Flash Player installed.

In addition, the size of the video shares uploaded to the site is automatically reduced by YouTube to 320×240 pixels *.converted to flv format. The size option was converted to high quality 480×360 pixels in March 2008, and later to 720p and 1080p. In addition, the latest Pixel 4K technology is available on YouTube. If you have a video format such as MPEG, AVI or Quicktime, these videos can be upgraded by the user to 1 GB capacity and added to YouTube.

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What to watch on YouTube?
YouTube, the world's largest video sharing site, offers users the ability to watch videos in the category they want, as well as to prepare and share them in their own channels. So, what kind of content can be added, What can be viewed on this site? Music, TV series and programs, movies and many personal amateur video clips such as beauty, current, food, venue created by users can be viewed on this site.

The number of videos added to YouTube daily by users averages around 65,000. The viewing rate is almost 100 million. Video clips that fall outside the rules set by the site can be removed from the site after being reviewed by the authorities thanks to users ' feedback. Site users can also make comments and notes for video clips they watch, such as reporting illegal videos. Videos added to YouTube must comply with the terms of the Use Agreement and have been granted copyright permission. In particular, violent content, pornography, advertising, threats or criminal content may not be shared. As long as the copyright permission is obtained, it will not be a problem. But music and film videos often have copyright permission issues