Venture bought for ...

Venture bought for new iPhone cameras  


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February 18, 2020 12:23 am  

Apple acquired a venture called Spectral Edge. The new iPhone cameras combined with this purchase will make the difference. The result of the new investment is already being wondered!

Apple publicly announced Thursday that it had acquired a start-up called Spectral Edge. The reason for this investment is the improvements to be made on the side of the camera. The part where the improvements will be evident will be the photos. the infrared technology will be used in iPhone cameras, giving users clearer and brighter pictures.

one good, one bad news for the price of the iPhone 12!one good, one bad news for the price of the iPhone 12!
5G support and renewed design will be introduced next year with the iPhone 12 price has already started to be a topic of discussion. for the price of the iPhone 12 came one good, one bad news.

Venture bought for new iPhone cameras
Spectral Edge has done research at the University of East Anglia in order to take more advanced photos. In this study, an infrared lens was compared with a standard lens. The result of this comparison was that the infrared lens revealed clearer and brighter pictures.

You can see the difference between the two lenses and the same frame and values in the image below.

Apple buys two companies almost every week
It is not yet clear how much the firm will pay for this investment, which it has made to get ahead of other phone makers on the photo side. But Apple is known to have raised $ 5.3 billion in a fund in the past year. But that amount is estimated to account for a small share of the purchase.

Following this acquisition, eyes were turned to the multiplicity of Spectral-like start-ups and firms that the company had acquired. Recently, Tim Cook was asked a question about it on a television show he attended. Cook's response, however, was surprising. The Apple CEO announced they were buying 2 companies in almost a week.