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Your Google and Gmail will now share a single profile photo  


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February 4, 2020 10:52 pm  

Your Google and Gmail will now share a single profile photo
A picture will be shown on all apps in Google's commercial toolkit.
It combines the Gmail photo with the Google account profile photo for Google Apps users. Now, when you change this setting in Gmail, you'll be directed to the “About Me” section of your Google profile settings to adjust your profile picture.

Currently, profile pictures set in Gmail are shown only in Gmail. This can make it difficult for you to know where your profile picture in Gmail might be different from your Google account profile picture and which image will be displayed. This change makes things easier by allowing you to set a single profile picture in one place and then show a single photo in all Google apps.

When you visit Settings> General> my picture in Gmail on the web, you'll change your picture in the “About Me” section of your Google profile settings.

If your Gmail and profile photos are different now and you have permission to edit your photo, you'll see a pop-up that asks you to select one of the pictures or select an entirely new photo when you visit your About Me Settings.

This setting gives more control to administrators who disable photo editability in their domains, as users can no longer change the Gmail image independently of the Google profile picture.
Note that users who do not visit the” about me " settings will not be asked to select a single profile picture and will still have different profile pictures.