Space tourist looki...

Space tourist looking for girlfriend next to him  


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Space tourist looking for girlfriend next to him

The first space tourist SpaceX would send to the Moon had been announced in September 2018. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has begun preparations for the trip. Maezawa, who will fly around the moon with the Big Falcon Rocker, has already started looking for a partner.

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Space tourist girlfriend collects applications from internet
The 44-year-old Japanese billionaire had said in his first statement that he wanted to create a team of 6-8 people. According to recent reports, Maezawa wants a girlfriend with him.

The space tourist girlfriend launched her applications online. According to the announcement on the website, the terms of application are as follows::

Single women aged 20 and over
Being smart and always positive
He's interested in going into space and could be part of the plan
Knows how to enjoy life
Wanting world peace

Applications can only be made on the internet. We'll find out later how many people have applied for this ad, which resembles a job application. It will also be clear who will be chosen as a result of the applications and who will be the girlfriend of the space tourist as the flight date approaches.

In the meantime, let's mention that applications are made here.