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Add An Option As Well As You  


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February 4, 2020 10:55 pm  
Add An Option As Well As You
One of the cool features of Windows 95 and 98, though most users are unaware, is that when you hold down the SHIFT key and right-click on a file at the same time, the menu has the option "open with". There is a way to permanently place this option in the menu.

Run Registry Editor first. Click the plus sign to the left of hkey_classes_root. find the key named "Unknown", probably located to the left of the list. This key has a subkey named "shell" and another subkey named "openas". The default value in the right window is"Rundll32 "when you point to"Command", which is a subkey of "Openas".you will find that there is a complex command line including"exe". After opening the editor by double-clicking on this value, copy the command line by pressing Ctrl-C. Then press"Cancel." Now go back to the top of the list and find the key"*". Right-click on this key and select "new Key". Name this subkey "shell" and create a subkey named "openas". Right-click on it and create another subkey named "command".

Now double-click on the value "Default" in the right window to open the editor and paste the complex command line you just copied using the CTRL-V keys here. Press"Ok" to shut down regedit.

You will now see that each file has the "Open with" option in its menu.