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Under Windows, restore the real DOS mode  


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Under Windows, restore the real DOS mode

Although it still has Windows 9x architecture, it is no longer possible to reach real DOS mode with Windows me, which we can decipher as an intermediate product that Microsoft has released to get rid of Dos slowly. But if you can't stop using me and you want DOS mode, www.chip.com.tr/download mfddmel3, where you can pull the address from underneath.you can use the patch file named zip. This patch will allow you to access real dos, using "Shift-F8" at startup. However, this process may be a dangerous process should be stated in advance. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the installation steps carefully. Your Windows "C:\WINDOWS if it is installed in a different folder than", replace this section in the examples as appropriate for your computer, first open a dos window with the start/MS-DOS prompt option. Because Windows does not allow direct access to system files, you must first open a temporary folder on the harddrive and copy the following files to this new folder to work on it.




ATTRIB-R-H-S *for write protection and System File features on these three files, while in the folder you just opened. use the * command. Later mfddmel3.open the zip file in this folder, WINMEDOS.COM run the program, and after the process ends, copy the patched files back to the following folders. Of course, remember to make a backup of the original files just in case before this process.

IO.COMMAND the SYS file to C:\. Com is both " C:\WINDOWS both\" and "C:\" under REGENV32.Copy the exe under C:\ WINDOWS\SYSTEM. Finally, C:\CONFIG.The SYS file is enclosed in DEVICE = C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP. The SYS line and C:\AUTOEXEC.Also into the BAT file C:\WINDOWS\WIN.COM add the line. This is all you have to do; the next time you turn on the computer, DOS will be ready for use.

WIndows 9x / NT4. 0/2000 / ME

Storing the netmeeting address list from foreign eyes

If you have MS NetMeeting installed on your computer, and you don't want others to see the addresses you are connecting to, you can get rid of this problem with a small change to the Registry. First run the Registry Editor by typing Regedit under Start / Run and HKEY_USERS\S-l-5-21-329068152-507921405-1060284298-500\access the software\Microsoft\Conferencing\UI\CallMRU key and delete all the "AddrX" key values contained here. If you change the value to 00 00 00 00 by right clicking on the binary value "Count" again here,you can also eliminate the ugly spaces in the drop down menu under Netmeeting.

Closing compressed folders

Windows XP also treats ZIP files as folders. But this can really create headaches on a slow computer. To install this feature temporarily, type regsvr32/uzipfldr at the command line.you can use the dll command.To restore this function, type regsvr32 zipfldr again at the command line.just type the dll and press Enter.

Useful keyboard shortcuts

Using the Windows + Break key together, you can access the System Properties window, the windows+d desktop, and the taskbar with the Windows+ Tab keys. This feature will work on all operating systems after Windows 9x.

Taskbar under DOS

Did you know that you can also close applications running on Windows under DOS? To do this, you can end the application by typing taskkill /pid in the command window and the application number next to it. You can do the same with the tskb and transaction number binary. To access the application numbers, simply use the tasklist command. This command will also provide you with detailed information about what is going on in your system.

Cover art for WMPs

For Audio CDs that are played when using Windows Media Player, a cover art is also displayed. However, you can also use this feature for other audio formats if you want. Normally, when copying audio files from CD to computer in WMP format, the album's cover file will be automatically downloaded from the internet. But if there's a problem at this stage, folder yourself into the folder where the songs are.you can copy the cover art under the name jpg and have it displayed.

Windows 9x / NT4. 0/2000 / ME