The era of advertis...

The era of advertising on Huawei phones may begin!  


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February 4, 2020 10:50 pm  

The era of advertising on Huawei phones may begin!
Chinese tech giant Huawei, which has been blacklisted by the US, may be preparing to sign off on a decision that will upset users. Although Huawei has managed to reach high sales figures, it can show ads on its user interface.

Huawei defies the US in 2019! Here are the figures, as Huawei defied the US in 2019! Here are the figures
The Year 2019 has been quite moving in Huawei terms. Facing US bans and saying goodbye to Google apps in Mate 30, Huawei is up front with phone sales figures in 2019.


huawei HMS huawei mobile services

Huawei phones may start showing ads!
Unable to take advantage of Google Mobile Services – GMs on its new phones because of the US embargo, the tech giant has instead started using its own solution: Huawei Mobile Services – HMS. An update to the HMS infrastructure signals that advertising will begin to appear in the user interface.

That means we can see ads on Huawei and Honor phones running with the Android operating system.

huawei HMS huawei mobile services
While showing ads in the user interface may sound strange at first, it is not the first time it has been implemented. Chinese phone makers Xiaomi and Realme are similarly able to show ads on their phones.

The important issue is whether Huawei will make this change anytime soon. Because, Huawei's start to show ads to users can adversely affect sales.

The Mate 30 Pro will be the first model to be sold in Turkey in the HMS infrastructure, where Google applications are not included due to the embargo