CD Burning  


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CD Burning
When I get backup on the HDD where the system is currently in use, I see signs that warn me that the file system is currently being used.(My 3.Partitionda only had backups my system was in C (WinXP) and D (Win2000sp2).

It's not a big deal anyway, and it didn't cause any problems in my backup process.

It says how many blank CDs are needed, as can be seen on the screen. The reason why more CDs appear is that the program automatically allocates data to 650MB packages.

Here you can select Partitiononu or the whole HDD and get back up. I 3.I chose partition and clicked OK to move forward.

In the next process, we print from the write CD window, as usual.

Nero saves the backup HDD to the CD as a DAT file and also installs the Nero CD-Backup Restore program to restore it. The name of the DAT file on the first CD I bought backup was: BK_01_11

This ;


01 -1. Backup CD

11-shows that there are a total of 11 Backup CDs.

As you can see, after the backup CD is finished burning, the program wants you to take the written CD out and put the blank CD for the next Backup CD.

Continue burning CDs until Backup is finished.

Restore Back-up

As I mentioned earlier, we use the Nero CD-Backup Restore program in the Backup CD to restore the back-ups we received. However, you do this under dos. You need to boot your system with CD drive support.

In DOS, insert the first backup CD into your CD drive and continue. Then, when you are inside your backup CD, type "nrestore" and press Enter. If you want to restore the program, select the language option, and then select the back-up CD in the drive where you will save it. After that, we have successfully completed the backup restore process after inserting the other backup CDs.

- If " nrestore.exe " if you run Windows otamında HDD and CD-ROMs do not see.-

- Boot the computer with cdrom drive support and dosta " nrestore.exe " wedding is running if you run.-

How to write an Audio CD

Although the demand for Audio CDs has declined. Up until yesterday (before the introduction of MP3 players), many users had no alternative but to create Audio CDs to create their own favorite albums on both stereo and Disc-man's.

Even though almost a lot of users can easily create audio CDs, I still said Let's not go without a little reminder.

We follow these steps to create an Audio-CD.

In Nero, we open the new Compilation window by selecting new from the File menu.

Select the Audio-CD option from the options that appear on the screen.

Right-hand File broswer'dan Audio CD will make MP3 or wav files are selected.

When you drag and drop your MP3 or wav files automatically convert to Audio CD (cda) format.

You can also see how many minutes of music you have recorded in the time zone under the program and adjust it.

How to write a video CD?

If you want to watch the camera footage you recorded on your computer or the video clip you made with your webcam in VCD players, you have to record these images in a format that VCDs can read. Yes, the panacea program Nero is at work again :)

If you look inside a VCR, you see a lot of folders in it. (CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, VCD)