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Pinterest Statistics
The proportion of female Pinterest users is 80%.
The total number of business accounts opened on Pinterest is 500 thousand.
Pinterest monthly page views number 5 billion.
The proportion of Pinterest pictures featuring a human face is 20%.
The average number of articles pinned Daily is 5 million.
The proportion of pins receiving Repin is 80%.
The average time spent on Pinterest on a single visit is 2 minutes.
The amount of time an average user spends on Pinterest in a month is 98 minutes.
The average price per product paid by customers who purchase products through Pinterest is $ 140 – $ 180.
The number of users who combine a Pinterest account with a Facebook account is 9 million.
The unique visitor rate to the platform from mobile only is 35%.
Pinterest Statistics That Closely Concern Brands

Number of business accounts available on Pinterest is about 500,000
While 52% of Pinterest users shop in a store, they benefit from Pinterest for guidance purposes. 83% of active Pinterest users prefer to follow a brand instead of following a celebrity on this platform.
The average sales order value of visitors driven by Pinterest is $ 58.95.
The average number of arrivals from a Pinterest Pin to a website is 2.
The average number of viewers of a website thanks to a Pinterest Pin is 6.
44% of global e-commerce social sharing occurs on Pinterest.
At Pinterest, 11% of global consumer brand social sharing takes place.
The most repinned domain on Pinterest
Of the 2013 Inc 500 companies, 45 use Pinterest.
The proportion of the millennium generation who pinned a brand on Pinterest is 11 %
Clicks that take you to a store and shopping site on Pinterest make up 7% of all pin clicks.
Clicks that take you to a store and photo-sharing site on Pinterest account for 8% of all pin clicks.

As statistics suggest, Pinterest is a social network with high potential. I hope that corporate brands and celebrities in Turkey will use Pinterest more actively. You can read the analysis published in Branding Turkey on why Pinterest is not popular in Turkey here.

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