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Vps Hosting
Vps Hosting Review

With VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), you share your server with other users, but your web host provider prepares a separate partition for you on the server. This means that you have a dedicated server space and a certain amount of processing power and memory. For this reason, VPS hosting can be a great choice for medium-sized businesses with an ever-growing website.


Private server space (cheaper than private server price)
Other websites on the server do not affect your site's performance
Root access to the server
Easy scalability
High personalization options

Slightly more expensive than shared hosting service
Knowledge of server management and technical issues is essential
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting, or Cloud hosting, is one of the most reliable solutions on the market because there is virtually no downtime in real terms. In Cloud Hosting service, your host company provides you with a server cluster. Your files and resources are copied on each server. When one of the cloud servers is busy or causing problems, your traffic is automatically redirected to another server in the cluster, reducing downtime to zero.


Close to zero downtime
Server errors and problems do not affect your site
Source is adjusted according to demand
Pay as you use (you only pay as much as you use)
Greater scalability than a VPS

The cost is difficult to predict
Root access not always offered