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Motorola One Zoom surprised with DxOMark score  


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Motorola One Zoom surprised with DxOMark score

Motorola, which operates under the umbrella of Lenovo, introduced the one Zoom model in September. The Motorola One Zoom, home to four rear cameras, was a guest of DxOMark after a long wait.

The main camera, which has a 48 megapixel f/1.7 aperture, was disappointing. Because, according to DxOMark, Motorola's camera stands out with this phone is not enough to compete with half of its competitors.

Four-camera Motorola One Zoom on stage
Motorola has long introduced its new smartphone, which hasn't fallen off the agenda with leaks. Here's the latest in the Moto range with four rear cameras: the Motorola One Zoom features and price!

Motorola One Zoom DxOMark score was disappointing
The total score given to the camera of the device was 87. The true exposure of the 48 megapixel main camera is achieved by the success of auto focus, while portraits are good.

Motorola One Zoom surprised with DxOMark score - ShiftDelete.Net
The telephoto camera is behind its competitors when it comes to focusing. While focus is not sufficient for other cameras, the limited dynamic December affects all cameras. In Video recording, stabilization and Auto Focus are successful, but the dynamic range is narrow and the colors are not correct.

In this context, the camera's photo performance was given 92 points, while it received 72 points for video capture. This score shows clearly that the video shooting performance is insufficient.