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How Does Web Hosting Work?  


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How Does Web Hosting Work?

Description Of Web Hosting With Home Rental Example

When you decide to open a new website, you need to find a hosting company that can provide you with server space. Your Web host provider stores all your files, content, and databases on the server. Whenever someone enters your domain in the address bar of the browser where they are using it, your host provider transfers the necessary files to fulfill the request.

When purchasing a hosting plan, you should make sure that it has features that can meet your needs. Web hosting service is essentially like renting a house, you have to pay your rent regularly to keep your server running continuously.

To mitigate the risks, each Hostinger plan comes with a guarantee to return your money within 30 days, primarily to allow you to see if the service meets your needs. What's more, you can start with the budget-friendly survival plan we designed specifically for small projects. When your website grows and you need more server space, you can switch to our more advanced plans without any waiting time.

Obviously, you don't need to have any programming knowledge to be able to perform everyday tasks in terms of site management and maintenance. Hosting accounts come with graphical user interfaces that you can manage from every angle of your website. For example, you can upload HTML and other files to the Server, install content management systems such as WordPress, access your database, and create backups of your site.

Although cPanel hosting platform used by many web host companies is a powerful tool, it can be a bit challenging for users who just want to open their site as soon as possible, who do not have strong technical knowledge. So our team designed a special control panel for our users. We're proud to announce this, thanks to the great and intuitive user interface of the Hostinger dashboard – even if you're working with a hosting company for the first time – you can tell what's what at first glance. Our customers love this panel because they can manage their hosting accounts safely and easily in every way.

In addition to providing server space for Your Website, hosting Providers may also offer services related to web site management, e.g.:

SSL certificates (for secure sites that use the https:// protocol)
Email hosting
Page founders
Developer tools
Customer support service (mostly via live chat)
Automatic web site backup
One-click software installation (e.g. WordPress or Drupal)