NASA explained: AST...

NASA explained: ASTERIA satellite lost in space  


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NASA explained: ASTERIA satellite lost in space

The ASTERIA satellite that NASA sent into space in April 2017 to help study planets outside our solar system has lost contact with operators on earth. NASA has announced it is increasing space scans to communicate again.

NASA issues Asteroid Warning
In a post published today, NASA issued an asteroid warning. The US Space Agency has announced that three asteroids, about a fifth the size of the Statue of Liberty, have come close to Earth...

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ASTERIA satellite lost in space
ASTERIA was sent into space in April 2017 by a minor planet Messenger satellite mission dubbed “CubeSat” by NASA, although it does not have extensive features such as the TESS Research Satellite.

The ASTERIA satellite, which is smaller in size than the satellites that have been sent into space before but has greater functionality, was almost NASA's favorite.

ASTERIA CubeSat has the ability to take precise light measurements from a star and observe several nearby stars with this data. In this way, it is able to detect these changes in stellar luminosity and detect exoplanets orbiting between the satellite and the Star, which reveal their existence by blocking light.

NASA announced that Asteria completed its main mission goals last February. The location of the ASTERIA satellite, which was last contacted on December 5, 2019, cannot be detected.

But NASA. He announced that they would try to communicate by March, which would be included in the experiment programs for other satellites.